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Welcome to the home of Australian oysters. Grown in Australia’s secluded inlets and wide open bays, Australian oysters are the ultimate food experience! Meet some of Australia’s growers, learn how oysters are grown and watch how to open your own.


The Oyster

The Pacific oyster is native to Japan with production concentrated in China and the US. Sydney Rock Oysters and Angasi (flat) oysters are native to Australia and shells have been found in ancient Aboriginal middens.

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Buying, storing & opening

Opened oysters: Oysters that look wet and have a fresh sea smell are the freshest. The oyster that is dry, sunken into the shell and smells fishy is too old! Unopened oysters: Oysters that are closed and have a fresh sea smell are the freshest.

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Keepers of the water

Australia's coast supports oyster farms, commercial and recreational fishers, land based primary industries and people who live, work and play along the water's edge.

about oysters australia

Breeding better oysters

Investment in selective breeding has produced a Sydney Rock Oyster that is fully resistant to QX disease. All states are seeing lower stock losses in Pacific & Sydney Rock Oysters and have turned focus to improving year round oyster condition.

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Oysters Australia

OYSTERS AUSTRALIA is a national body formed by Australia’s community of oyster growers in 2011 for advocacy, research and development. It is passionate about and committed to becoming world leaders in responsible, profitable and sustainable oyster industry production.

Oysters Australia's members are NSW, SA and Tasmania with observers from Qld and commercial bodies.

recipesCheck out our Recipe section for some classic and modern ways to serve your delicious oysters.

From Oysters Kilpatrick to Oysters Japanese we have a recipe to tickle your tastebuds.

videosWatch some great videos and learn a few tricks from oyster farmers.

Oysters and the Environment, Meet An Oyster Farmer, How To Open An Oyster and a clip from the movie 'Oyster Farmer'.

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