Buying, storing oysters


Opened oysters: Oysters that look wet and have a fresh sea smell are the freshest. The oyster that is dry, sunken into the shell and smells fishy is too old!

Unopened oysters: Oysters that are closed and have a fresh sea smell are the freshest. The oyster that is gaping (and doesn't close when you tap it) and/or smells fishy, has already died and should not be eaten.

Oysters can be bought in different sizes and condition, often depending on the time of year. For more information see Pacific Oyster Grading System and Sydney Rock Oyster Grading Guide.

buying oysters


From their harvest date, unopened Sydney Rock Oysters should be kept close to 20°C for up to 14 days and unopened Pacific Oysters at 5°C for up to 7 days. So that they can breathe and keep cool, wrap or cover oysters in a damp cloth. Storing in plastic, in water or on ice will kill them!

Cover and refrigerate at 2 - 5°C within 30 minutes after opening your oysters if not eating them straight away.



The best way to eat an oyster is freshly shucked, unwashed in its natural brine and, if you are a purist, with no dressing. If you would rather leave shucking to the experts, make sure the oysters are fresh and not dried out.

You'll need a cutting board, tea towel or thick cloth, a sharp oyster knife, a bit of muscle and some patience.

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